Mommy Dearest

So it’s Mother’s Day and you feel like you need a new burst of energy  to continue this feat of motherhood.  You’re the wet nurse, the maid, the short-order cook, the crafts improvisor, the economic advisor, the referee (lots of squables to mediate), the general run-around person, clocking more than 24/7.  You’re overworked and underpaid and one Mother’s Day to commemorate this insane responsibility is just a little too little—well, maybe, not.  Here’s to all mothers out there:

Mommy Dearest

For all the boo-boos you kissed away,

for all the monsters you fought and slayed.

For all the laughter you bring,

when things go astray.

For all the times you scoop me up,

so I could reach the basketball hoop.

For the scrumptious food you churn,

out of the kitchen stove,

with generous helpings of love.

For the times you waited in the doctor’s office,

braving my screams,

just to make sure the nurse didn’t draw an ounce more than she should.

For all the times you sat through the same old DVD,

just so you could be near,

to watch my smiles and frowns as I follow the story line.

For all the miles you’ve driven,

rain or shine,

just to make sure I get to a zillion places in a zillion time zones,

all with a smile.

For the times you pretend not to see,

when I am romping in the mud and rain,

caution to the wind, wind in my face;

and you know it will take more than Tide,

to make it right,

but you figure it’s better than raising a TV slouch.

For all the times you hold me close,

and speak sweet manna from heaven,

when my heart aches and I couldn’t quite tell why,

for all the times you let me fall,

so you can lift me up to touch the grace of God,

for leading me in the hard and narrow path,

so one day I’ll be dancing in the broad street of heaven.


For all and more,

mommy dearest,

I must say you’re the bestest

the world can offer.

God must have known,

When he made you my mom,

for I couldn’t have ask for a better one.


There, have a wonderful Mother’s Day and keep up the good work.




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