School’s in and I’m out

The lazy dog days of summer have finally come to an end.  The garage is littered with boogie boards, bicycles with balding tires and the lawn with water guns and colorful remnants of water fights–all remains of summer fun and with it the nostalgia of another summer gone.

School's Back

School's Back

As the kids shuffled with heavy feet, wishing the sun hasn’t changed its spot on the universe and summer could go on and on and on…. I secretly heave a sign of relief.  School is back in session and I’m good to go.  Good for a show in between school hours, good to check out the new collection at Nordstroms, good to read and dream and write and wish upon a star.  I’m revving up when the kids would be safely stowed away in school and I can come out and play.

Sounds crazy, right?  Sounds like I’m a reluctant mom, doing my “summer time jail” ?  Whatever, I’m tempted to say but I think I’ve earned my time.  I’ve enjoyed my kids all summer.  Want to hang out at the beach?  I’m there–water cooler, umbrellas, towels and sunscreen and yes…the camera.  Want to have a couple of kids (which eventually turned into a company of kids) sleep over?  I’m in.  So did you say, you need to serve pizza and chips and soda? I’m on it. Didn’t bargain for the pounding of untrained hands on the piano and the clanging of drum sets, but yes, this is summer and your friends are allowed to drum up some noise.  Want to drive 45 minutes so you can get to the nearest Urban Outfitters and buy all the cute clothes with my money.  Well….let me see.  Please?  OK, what can I say?  It’s summer and I’ve all the time in the world. I’ve been duped into all kinds of summer fun.

I’ve been a willing participant and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it but now, the time has come for a little chilling.  A little quiet time– a little me time.  Sounds selfish, maybe?  If sanity can speak, she could scream, “You go, girl!”


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