Carnegie Hall, Here We Come

 Carnegie Hall, credit:

Carnegie Hall, credit:

It’s not everyday that one gets to play at Carnegie Hall.  So, when we learned that our son, Aaron has been chosen to represent his school wind ensemble to perform at the Band Festival, we couldn’t keep the joy to ourselves.  This will be the most memorable Spring break ever!

My husband made sure that everyone in his family knew, his close friends too. I try to diffuse this “proud” syndrome by only disclosing it to my immediate family.  You must admit that it’s very good restraint–not shouting it out on the mountain top.

The preparation started in earnest.  From booking our airline tickets to making little google searches on things we can do while in NY.  Empire State buidling, city tours, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Rockfeller and if it rains, which is pretty common, there’s Broadway shows, if you can afford it.

So, from the 4th to the 9th of April, we left footprints all over New York.  Such a place for walking–we walked from 53 rd street to Carnegie Hall.  Crazy- you bet.  In the rain, too–stupid?  Definitely, seeing that the wind chill factor together with early nipppy Spring temperature was enough to make you huddle in the warm of the ever-busy subway.  But no, we walked and enjoyed the views , especially the interesting mix of human traffic.

From the eclectic food to a Chinese opera singer in the subway to the bird-feeding lady (yes in purple and red), New York buzzed with excitement.

As for Aaron, he had his own program with his school.  We hardly saw him.  We watched his wind ensemble performed with our hearts beating away–Carnegie Hall–what a place and what a Spring break.


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