Hope in a Jar

There is something appealing about hope in a jar. It’s contained–in a jar, in a bottle. It’s not going anywhere–it’s right here in the palm of your hand. Like a genie trapped in a bottle, your “presumed” hope is about to grant you your wish. It’s about to do as it says…as promised in the jar. Sagging skin? The ingredients contained in the jar will resurface skin to a glow. Grappling with unwanted weight? The jar promises to bust fat and more—raise self-esteem. Blemishes, irritable bowel syndrome or just acne–there’s a jar of hope for everything.

Hope in a Jar

Recently, while searching for a moisturizer, I came across this a real specimen of “Hope in the Jar.” It’s part of the philosophy line of cosmetics and it promises “where there is hope there can be faith, where there is faith miracles can occur.”

Wow, that’s what I’m talking about–just what I need for my skin. A miracle is in order to restore radiance but wait a minute–this hope salve doesn’t come cheap. Of course, that is all relative–the price that is. To some, it’s a drop in a bucket, to others an expense that would possibly burn a hole in the already slim wallet. Well, I belong to the later group–wish I didn’t but such is life–you get what you get and you don’t get upset. I know, that’s my mother talking. Oh well, I would have to find hope  somewhere else.

If you want hope badly, you’ll find a way–a plan B or another route–maybe, not what you intend it to be first but there are more than one way to reach a hill, or so they say.

I found hope in a small bottle of organic rose hip seed  oil. Cost: $8.99. It

Rosehip oil--nature's hope.

promises to rejuvenate, revitalize, “radianize” and add glow. And because it’s as close to nature as it gets–nature’s essential oil from rosehips–I’ve nothing to complain. In fact, I told myself it’s better. No chemicals, no additives, no long complicated anal sounding names. Just pure oil.

Which brings me to the realization, that through the centuries, people have always  search for alternatives to obstacles. If there’s a wall, we’ll scale it. If there’s a roadblock, we’ll go on a detour. If there’s a hole, we’ll skirt around and continue on our way. If there’s a threat, we may run (if there’s no other way), stand tall and fight (we can be very brave) or counter-attach with our own threats. No one can beat us down, unless we first decide to.

So, while I may not be able to buy that sophisticated jar of hope,  I have managed to buy hope in a jar under my own terms.


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