Hope for the Day tells  life as it is –no embellishments, no make-over, and no glossing over–an honest telling of life as it happens. Unlike story books with its plotted twists and turns and planned endings, real life is whole lot messier, crazier, funnier and it’s totally unpredictable. And that’s part of the fun. There are moments in life when life gets a little too much and that’s when we all need a little lift. It can come from an inspirational quote, a little bird on the window sill or just the happy laughter of a child in the park.

You may find me ranting, reminiscing, wishing, praying, hoping, fearing, daring, dreaming, crying or laughing. You are welcome to join me as we try to figure this crazy thing call life together. And hopefully, we’ll find a little inspiration in life’s happenings to make it through–with laughter ringing in our hearts and strength for the day.

All are original works of mine.  Copyright @2010.


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