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Banging Your Head Silly

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Bang Your Head at Your Own Risk


You can lose weight by banging your head? 150 calories? Really? Not really–maybe, you’re banging your head out of frustration. Weight loss, as in most things in life that are elusive are frustrating. They frustrate you endlessly, shamelessly and they taunt you to no end.

On any given day, I can tell you the number of things that can induce head-banging session. The kids throw a fit over the cereal you bought for them, after you re-confirmed and re-confirmed (from previous bad experience) their cereal choices.  So, what make them throw a fit over the cereal this morning? Go figure! It can be the weather, the nasty teacher they have to face, the raging adolescence hormones or just because they need to diffuse the “life stinks at the moment” reality. Whatever!

And that’s just the beginning of the day.

As the day wears on, I’m sure you’re familiar with the many frustrations that arise out of nowhere, everywhere to frustrate the heck of you. Or maybe not, your day is going swimming well (on occasions, you’re given that hall pass to enjoy the day). If your day is well and good, I say, be on your way–enjoy it and don’t bother to read further.  The rest of the blog is for people grappling with life’s frustrations, that only a good head banging fit will do.

Here’s a little verse to share and maybe, we can all tap to the rhythm of our heads hitting that wall:

Ever felt like banging your head?

When life goes wrong
as they’re often do
your car dies on the way to the airport.
You blew your last allowance on roses
only to fade…your professed love trampled
withered petals strewn .

Your designer jacket wows
friends and all
All’s swell until the ketchup
oozes out of hamburger to color
a blotch to blemish forever.

You scheme and you plan
the perfect dinner
all glorious and ready
only to receive text
“Heavy rain..not coming.”

Frustrations, setbacks and obstacles
life’s tautings know no bounds
strikes when you least expect
To cry, to cower, to buckle,
That would have been too easy
To give life a run
That’s the fun.

Have felt like banging your head?
Try singing instead.


The Teacher Calls

Your child calls you in the middle of your work day, “Mom?  My Chemistry teacher wants to talk to you?”   Talk to me?  Oh, no, can’t be good!

He gets on the phone and asks, “How are you today?”

Ok, I’m really leary now.  Get to the point.  Tell me what my kid did that warrant this call.

I return the pleasantry and said, “I’m good.  How about you?”

Alright, now tell me.

“Well, I just want to let you know how proud I’m of Aaron.  He received an A in this Chemistry test, one of the three to do so.”

What, come again?  Am I hearing what I’m hearing or is this my supposedly inner voice placating my anxiety?

“Yes, you should be proud too.  Maybe you want to consider celebrating his good work.”

Right. Thank you.

It turned out I wasn’t dreaming.  The teacher did call and I did manage to stumble out my pleasantries despite the whole surreal conversation.

Now, if I were to get these kind of calls more often, I wouldn’t have reacted the way I did and that wouldn’t have made my day.  It would be ordinary and quite expected.

I thought of all the years of school my son has been through  and this is the very first call from a school teacher who cares enough to call.  He knows the power of praise.  He knows the power of motivation.  He is one of a kind.  The rarest kind.

If more teachers were to act that way and be genuinely interested in motivating kids, we would be very rich.  Our future would be very rich and bright.